What is the 'x house'?

Simplicity and freedom – values that the X house offers creating more energy and time in many ways.


It's proven

The X House concept has proven to be extremely popular across many parts of Europe. Conventional and traditional ways of building sometimes need to be looked at with fresh eyes. The convenience, costs and portability will make the X House a regular site in the UK in the coming years.


Sustainability is a founding principle of the X House. By living smaller and consuming fewer things, the footprint one leaves on the environment is already much smaller. Building materials need not be repackaged into smaller units to be transported to city centre construction sites in small quantities, but are rather delivered in large quantities to the factory. This generates less construction waste. It is also no small matter that factory-grade construction also allows for more constant building quality, as moisture has no access during the factory production process. 


Creating contemporary dynamic spaces is something all X House models embody – The X House can be easily transformed many times over, responding to needs: from hotel to office, from café to hair salon, showroom or a student home. The X House design contains everything necessary within the space, and that it can be quickly changed – this is the meaning of contemporary dynamic spaces.


Our team have over 50 years in the construction industry and are excited with this new product. Book an appointment and see how a X House can change your thoughts on housing.


The finishing

Quality products from known and established leaders are used throughout including Bosch appliances and Franke taps.


Our Quality Guarantee

Like a conventional house we offer a 10 year guarantee on the X House.​

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